Airtel introduces 50 Mbps & 30 Mbps broadband plans in India

Looks like Bharti Airtel is on a spree. The company announced today that it is introducing 30 Mbps & 50 Mbps broadband plans in India. This translates to 3.75 MBPS and 6.25 MBPS speeds respectively. Wow. It looks like we are finally catching up to the rest of the world in terms of broadband speed.

The services will be available initially in select areas in Delhi & Gurgaon and will be rolled out to the rest of India gradually. Airtel will use VDSL2 – the fastest and latest Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology. Airtel is the second operator in India after MTNL in Mumbai to use this technology.


Per wikipedia, VDSL2 is the newest and most advanced standard of DSL broadband wireline communications. Designed to support the wide deployment of Triple Play services such as voice, video, data, high definition television (HDTV) and interactive gaming. VDSL2 is purported to enable operators and carriers to gradually, flexibly, and cost efficiently upgrade existing xDSL-infrastructure.

“We are delighted to introduce 50 mbps speed — the fastest, wired broadband service. This ultra-fast broadband connection will allow customers, the convenience to download songs in seconds and full length feature films in less than three minutes,” Bharti Airtel Joint President (Telemedia Services) K Srinivas said in a statement.

At 50 Mbps, a user can download a 700 MB movie in less than 5 minutes. Users will also be able to stream Hi Definition (HD) content smoothly.

The tariff is as follows:

Plan 30 Mbps 50 Mbps
Rental 7999 8999
FUP 200 GB 200 GB

No word on post FUP speed. The plans will also have free value added services (VAS) like parallel ringing, website builder (basic), antivirus software, online storage and unlimited gaming on games on demand.

With the above tariff, Airtel has basically shown the finger to BSNL’s 24 Mbps plans launched a few weeks ago.

ISPs entering in such much awaited speed war is a good thing for customers in India. We will finally be catching up to the rest of the world. Although, at the same time, companies should also consider revising their FUP quota limits. Because 200 GB, as big as it might sound, is actually very little quota for such high speed plans. Now let’s see if this triggers the launch of iTunes, Netflix and other Hi Def online rental & purchase services in India.

[via @airtelnews & HT]

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