Microsoft Tells You Why Gmail Is Bad [Video]

People have always had wondered whether letting Google read your personal email so they can show ads based on the content is a good idea. If you have had similar doubts Microsoft is hoping to escalate them to new levels using their new Office 365 campaign.

The catch phrase is kinda true, “Your email is your business. Google makes it theirs.”

If you don’t have any clue about what this is all about, you definitely need to see this video.

[ZDNet via Gruber]

Gmail now lets you paste images from clipboard


Gmail now lets you paste images from your clipboard directly in the compose window in the browser. They previously enabled dragging and dropping of images in the compose window, but with this new feature, you can just take a snapshot of your screen and then paste it in the email message without the need of saving it in a file. Pretty neat.

The feature currently works only in Chrome, but they are probably working on to enable it in other browsers too.

[via Official Gmail Blog]

Google extends free calling in Gmail through 2011

Remember the free US & Canada calling feature in Gmail? Remember the tip we gave about how you can use it outside the US? Well the feature has been extended though 2011. Google says “In the spirit of holiday giving and to help people keep in touch in the new year, we’re extending free calling for all of 2011.”

So Merry Christmas & Happy calling in 2011!

Visit for more details.

[via Official Gmail Blog]

Announcements Galore – iTunes, Facebook Mail. What to expect

If you’ve not heard till now. There are two big announcements today and tomorrow.

The first exciting one’s by Apple about iTunes and is supposed to be big. The main thing that’s likely to be announced improve iTunes is

A cloud based iTunes – you can stream your audio and video whenever and wherever you are. No need to sync up music offline to your iOS device. Check out for further details here after the event.


Can they at least this time make the iTunes library sync’ble on multiple machines. Pretty please. That’ll help me with my work and home desktop sync.

Make free phone calls to US & Canada from any country if you have a Google voice account


A few weeks back, Google launched a feature in Gmail which enabled their Google voice users to make free calls to phones in the US and Canada from within Gmail. However, this feature is only available to users physically located in the US and Canada. Even if you have a Google voice account, Gmail doesn’t show up the option when you log in from any other country (they use your ip address to detect where you are located).

However, there is a smart workaround using which you can use use this feature from any country.


Call phones from Gmail


Gmail has the most advanced webmail chat client. It supports voice and video chat with other Gmail chat users if both parties have mic and webcam.

Starting today, Gmail users in the US have the ability to call phone numbers right from within Gmail. They can use their computer’s mic and speakers to talk to the person they are calling.

The HTML5 Gmail Game

Today’s modern browsers have been built to comply HTML5 standards which are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari 5 in no specific order. Although, well “advertised” as the modern browser, IE8 fails miserably in the ACID3 test (but that’s a story for another day)

GMail – One of Google’s most prosperous products & the front runner in Web mail wars uses HTML5 extensively.

A Googler wrote this amazing HTML5 ‘Space Invaders’ Gmail game (no flash, mind it) to thank the Gmail team. Go ahead, try it out. Let us know whats your score in the comments



Gmail is (finally) out of beta!


In what can be called as a very radical move, Google announced today that its pulling off the “beta” label from its Google Apps products including Gmail.

Gmail has been in beta since over more than 5 years now. There have been many speculations & debates around this topic and people have always wondered when will Gmail come out of beta. Well, the wait is over.


Switch from Yahoo! mail to Gmail with ease

The Gmail team has launched what should have been a standard Gmail feature since its inception. An option to import your mail and contacts from accounts like Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, and other buttload of webmail services.


There is also an option to keep fetching this data for 30 days. So that you can test drive Gmail and make up your mind.


This should make it easy to convince friends and family members to switch to Gmail, especially those who, for some unknown reason, are madly in love with Yahoo! mail.

[via Official Gmail Blog]

Undefined usage of Gmail ? [LOL]

Google thinks I am at an “undefined” usage of Gmail.


Apparently the line above is caused because the Javascript variables which store the usage information haven’t been initialized properly.

Gmail’s official blog gave out this link in a blog post for their new labs feature that puts Google Search inside Gmail.

Check it out before they actually “fix” it.

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