Snow Leopard Release Set For Q1 2009 [Unconfirmed]

There are unconfirmed rumors floating around that the next version of Apple’s Mac OS X, the Snow Leopard is set for release in Q1 of 2009. That’s like a month away !

A couple of key features in Snow Leopard:

  1. Microsoft Exchange Support
  2. Multicore
  3. 64-bit support
  4. QuickTime X
  5. OpenCL (Open Computing Language)

Here is what Apple’s official page for Snow leopard has to say:

Since 2001, Mac OS X has delivered more than a thousand innovative new features. With Snow Leopard, the next major version of the world’s most advanced operating system, Mac OS X changes more than its spots, it changes focus. Taking a break from adding new features, Snow Leopard — scheduled to ship in about a year — builds on Leopard’s enormous innovations by delivering a new generation of core software technologies that will streamline Mac OS X, enhance its performance, and set new standards for quality. Snow Leopard dramatically reduces the footprint of Mac OS X, making it even more efficient for users, and giving them back valuable hard drive space for their music and photos.

[Via Gizmodo]

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