Nokia Scraps N9, Their First MeeGo Handset [Windows Phone 7 Hint?]

Nokia N9 Scrapped

Nokia’s first MeeGo device has long been rumored to be the leaked full-QWERTY N9. Now, according to Reuters and a couple of close sources, the Finnish giant has ended the development of N9. We were expecting Nokia to announce their first MeeGo device, the N9 at Mobile World Congress 2011, next week. Now,  it looks like the device will not see the light of day.

So what do we get from this report? If Nokia is killing off their first MeeGo device, which Nokia’s new CEO Stephen Elop said that one will launch in 2011, then it will probably be a while before we see a MeeGo device launch. MeeGo was supposed to be the weapon Nokia was gonna use to fight off the rising competition from Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. An important point to be noted is that Stephen Elop was an executive at Microsoft earlier. Maybe this strengthens rumors about the company’s adoption of Windows Phone 7.

It will be interesting to see what Nokia’s strategy will be when it is unveiled later this week at Nokia’s planned event on Friday.

[via Reuters]

[This is a guest article by Abdul Rahaman Shah, an engineering student who describes himself as an "Ambitious, curious Geek"]

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