iPhone (next gen) rumor roundup

Here are the current rumors floating around the web around the next gen iPhone:

  1. Apple has increased next gen iPhone production – This might be true owing to the much hype the iPhone OS 3.0 has created.
  2. iPhone to have FM receiver & transmitter – We would love to have this ability in the next gen iPhone. For many people, FM plays a key role in deciding whether to go for the phone or not. The added benefit of the FM transmitter will be truly awesome for listening to music in your car.
  3. Video recording – This has to come. People have been asking for this and Apple must pay attention to this.
  4. Auto focus in camera – Although not a nccessity, this will be a welcomed feature. This will let amateurs take awesome pictures using the iphone.
  5. Magnatometer (digital compass) – I seriously doubt this one.
  6. Voice control – Dunno what this is. If its voice commands, then yeah, bring it on.

[Via iPhoneIndia]

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