BigFlix starting game rentals soon?

There are rumors floating around that the ADAG owned BigFlix movie rental service in India is going to start game rentals soon.

According to an employee at one of the BigFlix stores, the service will be combined with the current movie rentals service and there will be no extra charge to rent games. Users can log into their accounts online and queue up movie as well as game DVDs. The same terms and conditions will apply for game rentals as well.  The existing users of the movie rental service will be able to rent games without paying any extra charges. The service is gonna launch pretty soon (about a month).

If this is true, it will be a great news for gamers in India who are hesitant to buy game consoles owing to high price of games.

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  1. Shrey says:

    There is a service for Playstation 3 games In Delhi. It is which provides games on rent

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