Apple rumor roundup

Here are the current Apple rumors floating around the web:

  1. iPhone OS 3.0 To Finally Bring Copy & Paste – This one has been leaked by Kevin Ross of digg fame. He says that there is a possibility that Apple might release the Copy & Paste feature in the upcoming iPhone 3.0 firmware upgrade. We are waiting Apple.
  2. A premium App Store is on its way – This is because there are too many apps on the app store now. There are numerous apps that do the same thing. It is extremely difficult to find the best among them. The premium store will help users select the best app by providing them limited options which will be the cream of the lot.
  3. Malwares for jailbroken iPhones – This may be inevitable. There are rumors that jailbroken iPhones are vulnerable to malware attacks. Go ahead. I ain’t afraid. Its not Windows. Norton/McAfee – you guys seeing this?

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