Apple getting into Search?

Popular tech blog Techcrunch suspects that Apple might be getting into the search business. Apparently, Safari’s 6 – 7% market share and the users of personal productivity tools through Mobile Me provide a lot of search traffic for Google via Apple’s servers and they might be thinking of milking it themselves.

However, since they are not hiring any search professionals, it seems that they just might be into developing some sort of an extra rosy UI layer on top of Google search results. Basically, the folks in Mountain View do not believe in the same stuff as those over at Infinite Loop when it comes to UI. Google’s interfaces are plain vanilla simple whereas Apple puts in a lot of eye candy. Apparently, the Google search results interface isn’t good enough for Apple. They might be building a more Appley way to present these search results to the users.

Another news which is running around is that Eric Schmidt might be leaving as an Apple board of director soon. Looks like Apple is not happy with the competition it is getting from Android.

[Via TechCrunch]

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