Review: iHere Rechargeable Item Locator

ihere item locator

Do you lose your keys, phone or other items frequently? We know its difficult to find an item when its lost in your own house. Nonda’s iHere is a nifty little device which you can attach to any item that you tend to lose frequently. Then, when you lose it next, simply open up the iHere app on your smartphone and tap the find button. iHere will start making a noise directing you to its (and eventually the item you are looking for)’s location.

iHere works on low power bluetooth and pairs with your phone. It has a rechargeable battery which lasts several weeks on a single charge. The device can be charged using any USB charger. The main features are:

  1. Item locator
  2. Phone locator
  3. Phone camera shutter button


iHere is made of good quality materials and shows the same level of workmanship as other Nonda products. It is extremely lightweight, yet feels very robust. The material is prone to scratches, but honestly, you cannot avoid getting scratches on this thing owing to where all it will end up if its attached to your keys.

i here charger

The device charges using a USB cable. Charger is the only part of the package which feels flimsy and cheaply made. Not sure why Nonda cut corners here.


iHere pairs with your phone over bluetooth. The pairing process is very simple and straightforward. If you lose your item, just open the app and tap on find. iHere will start to make noise leading you to the item. This also works the other way round if you lose your phone. Just press the button on iHere and your phone will sound the alarm, even if it is on silent – pretty neat.


In addition to finding your phone using the button on iHere, you can also choose to perform any of the following actions:

  • Voice recorder – Record quick voice memos.
  • Car finder – Click the button on iHere when you park your car and it will trigger the app on your phone to store your current GPS location. Later, when you return back to the parking lot, open the app to guide you to your parked car’s location.
  • Take selfies – iHere can also be used to take selfies with the button acting as the camera trigger.

ihere button functions

iHere also beeps when the phone goes out of range in order to tell you that you may have forgot your phone somewhere. Although helpful, this feature may turn annoying in large sized homes where moving from one corder to another may lead to the device beeping.


Like its other products, Nonda has put in a lot of attention to iHere’s packaging. The packaging box feels like its built from premium quality materials and keeps the device safe and in an easy to unpack position.

ihere packing box

ihere unpacking


iHere is a great addition to your keyring. Although it is pegged as a key finder, I used it more to find my phone rather than the keys. But either way, its an inexpensive yet very useful device which will help you save a lot of time in situations of distress. Because of the simple design and overall ease of use, we rate iHere at 5 out of 5 stars. We really could not find any issues with this nifty little device.

iHere retails for about $15.99 on amazon and $19.99 on nonda.

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