Review: Green Day Tour Guide for iPad


Green Day Tour Guide for iPad is an amazing app for Green Day Fans. Specifically designed for the iPad, it is the go to guide for all the info you will need for Green Day tours.

Here are the features:

  • Setlist of all the concerts
  • Search within the App for YouTube videos of concerts
  • Search within the App for photos of concerts on Flickr
  • Info about tickets availability and links to buy them

The concerts in the app are categorized into Europe, North America and South America based tours. Tapping on a region will take you to a chronologically arranged list of Green Day concerts in that region. Tapping on any concert will load the Setlist of that concert. You can then tap on any song in the setlist to search for that song’s video on YouTube.



The tickets section below the setlist provides info on tickets availability and links to buy them.


Just below the tickets section, you have the option to search for photos of that concert on flickr. Tapping on this option takes you to the flickr search results page containing the photos for this concert.


The community section lets you write you comment and read what others had to say about that concert.

I loved the idea of having access to all the YouTube videos and flickr pictures in one place.

The app is mostly smooth with a only a few glitches:

  • When you click on a region, there is a slight delay in loading the concerts from that region, and there is no visual feedback to the user about this. A “Loading…” text would be good here.┬áThe same this happens when you click on a concert from the list.
  • In portrait orientation, when you click on a concert from the list, the song list is refreshed, however, the concert list doesn’t disappear and you have to tap outside it to make it go away.

Although, both these issues are minor and can be fixed in a software update.

The app is priced at $1.99 and is a great buy for Green Day fans. Download it here.

Thanks to Daniele Fruzzetti for the review copy.

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  1. Cool, but doesn’t seem like something that should be paid for. Maybe $0.99 at most. but it really is a benefit for the band, so it’s like free advertising for them. I understand the band didn’t make it, but still.

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