Review: Compaq Presario V3780TU Notebook

The Compaq Presario V3780TU Notebook is a well balanced mid range laptop aimed at home users and students. The configuration is more than enough for basic home usage and most students needs. Here is the detailed configuration:

Microprocessor 1.83 GHz Intel Core2 Duo processor T5550
Microprocessor Cache 2 MB Level 2 cache
Memory 2048 MB (2 x 1024 MB)
Memory Max Up to 4 GB (Up to 1 GB may not be available due to 32-bit operating system resource requirements)
Video Graphics Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
Video Memory Up to 358 MB
Hard Drive 250 GB (5400 rpm)
Multimedia Drive SuperMulti 8X DVD±R/RW with Double Layer Support
Display 14.1” WXGA High Definition BrightView Widescreen Display (1280 x 800)
Fax/Modem High speed 56K modem
Network Card Integrated 10/100BASE-T Ethernet LAN
Wireless Connectivity Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection Bluetooth
Sound Altec Lansing speakers
Keyboard 101 key compatible keyboard with 1 Quick Launch Button
Pointing Device Touch Pad with On/Off button and dedicated vertical and horizontal Scroll Up/Down pad
PC Card Slot One ExpressCard/54 slot (also supports ExpressCard/34)
External Ports – 5-in-1 integrated Digital Media Reader
– 3 USB 2.0
– RJ-11
– RJ-45
– TV-Out (S-video)
– Headphone out
– Microphone in
– Expansion port 3
– IEEE 1394 Firewire
– Consumer IR
– AC adapter
Dimensions 33.4 cm (L) x 23.7 cm (W) x 2.6 cm (min H) / 3.9 cm (max H)
Weight 2.50 kg
Power -65 W AC Power Adapter
-6-cell Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery
Operating System:
Genuine Windows Vista Home Basic
Warranty and Support
1 year, parts and labor

The laptop fits well in the mid range section of the notebook market. I ran various applications ranging from different web browsers, media players, development tools etc. and they all worked pretty well. The laptop might not have the fastest processor, but the configuration is balanced enough to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Compaq Presario v3780tu Notebook PC

There are a plethora of wired and wireless connectivity options. A 250 GB hard drive gives enough space for storing movies and songs. 2 GB of RAM (and scope for expansion up to 4 GB) provides enough juice for memory intensive applications. The 5 in 1 card reader comes in handy when you have to transfer pictures from your phone’s or digital camera’s memory card. The laptop looks great, thanks to the 14.1” screen. This is probably one of the cheapest 14.1” laptops available in the market.

The only setbacks I could notice were that of weight (2.5 kgs) and the basic version of Windows Vista.

The laptop can be easily purchased for approx 43500 INR at most Compaq and HP dealers. However, you can get it for as low as 42000 INR (with free HP bag) at some shops in Nehru Place, Delhi. At this price, it is a great choice for college students and average home users.


– 14.1” screen
– 250 GB HDD
– Number of connectivity options
– Good looks


– Heavy at 2.5 kgs
– Basic version of Windows Vista bundled

Here is how I rate it:

Performance: 4
Features: 4
Value for money: 3.5
Build quality: 4
Looks: 4

Overall: 4

Note: In case your budget is tight, you can go for a lighter version – Compaq Presario C752TU available for approx 34000 INR. However, If you are an advanced user and can shell out some more cash, go for Sony Vaio CR35G, now available for approx 51000 INR.

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19 Responses to this post

  1. akp says:

    hi, i bought this laptops 2 days back….i gt it for 41K in pune…

    This latop looks grt..small and cute…..but gets heated quickly…..I donno whether this is normal or not….

    but at 41K its a good buy if you are looking for 14.1" laptop…

  2. Setu says:


    Congratulations on the purchase !

    Usually, most laptops get heated around the track pad when you run processor and memory intensive applications like 3D games.

    However, in case the heating occurs quickly (within 10 – 15 minutes of usage) and is unbearable, I would recommend taking it to the service center as it might be a hardware defect.

  3. First look: Compaq Presario C752TU | Setu's blog says:

    […] Check out details about the latest Compaq Presario V3780TU laptop on woikr […]

  4. Amit Sharma says:

    Hi, I have purchased it for 44690 from Delhi, Reliance mart, have checked it in Nehru place also its more or less same there..but how come somebody has purchased it for 41k

  5. @akp says:

    Hi Amit,

    I purchased it from pune "house of laptops" shop. The price was 42500 bt as i didnt took the free gifts along wid dat, the price gt reduced to 41K

    there may be some additional VAT for delhi i guess..nt sure

  6. Setu says:


    When did you purchase it? The price mentioned in the article is around 16th of August.

  7. Amit Sharma says:

    I have purchased it on 29th July, and the price was 44690, i have got laptop mouse n 1gb pendrive with also, but still there is a hell of difference between the cost.

  8. Setu says:


    The price quoted in the article does not include any accessories like the ones you mentioned. Plus, there is always a difference between the showroom price and Nehru Place price.

  9. Amit Sharma says:

    I have checked it nehru place too and it was 43k + tax so i thought its better to purchase it from reliance mart.

  10. Setu says:

    And you made the right decision. No point in going all the way to Nehru Place for a small price difference.

    There were some new models introduced by Compaq around 15 August. They might have reduced the price of this one at that time.

  11. Amit Sharma says:

    yes that could be the reason, but anyways m happy with performance, any idea if i want to increase RAM 2 GB more how much it will cost.

  12. Setu says:

    Laptop RAM is costlier than desktop RAM. Also, depending on the available free RAM slots in your laptop, you might have to trade in your 1GB ones to get two 2 GB ones.

    A single 2GB module should cost you around 2k – 2.5k at Nehru Place. You can trade in your existing 1 GB ones over there or sell them off at ebay.

    For cheapest prices in Nehru Place, I will recommend going to big dealers like Computer Empire, R Systems or Cost to Cost.

  13. @akp says:

    hi all,

    I purchased the laptop on 20th Aug. Even i gt a optical mouse free.

    Actually price was 42.5K along with the gift pack which had

    1. optical mouse

    2. hp cleaning kit

    3 .1 gb pendrive

    4. Laptop lock

    But as i didnt took the gift pck the price gt reduced to 41K along wid the mouse.

  14. Setu says:


    Looks like you got a pretty good deal :).

  15. Tejas says:


    I bought it at 40K. Everything is good about this laptop. But one of the problem I am facing is its get heated too early and it gives me battery life of 1.5 hrs. Kindly let me know whether this is a normal behavior ot do I need to take this to service center.

  16. @akp says:

    @ tejas,

    congrats on ur purchase…

    ya the lappi gets heated quickly even i faced the same prob. bt do one thing . dont keep the laptop directly on bed ya sofa as the fan gets doesnt get free air for cooling(fan is below the laptop) instead keep a book below the laptop so that the fan is able to suck free air. this will help you…..

  17. Tejas says:

    Thanks a lot for the solution. Laptop stand with cooling fans can also be a good alternative.

  18. Dr. Debal Dasgupta says:

    Hi friendz,

    Its interesting 2 note ur above posts, especially as I m in the process of finalising the purchase of the above notebook for 35K which comes with a Philips Home theatre (valued at 10.5K) for an addl payment of 1.5K.

    I am extremely dependent on the laptop for my lectures, presentations and all other administrative work as I am a professor at the MS University of Baroda.

    I understand the offer is very gud. Hwevr, I seek ur advice. My choices include good storage, fast processing, least bulky and low weight, and gud aesthetic appearance. I dnt mind a 12" screen. Would u comment, Setu ?

    Dr. Debal Dasgupta

  19. suredra says:


    i bought this laptop 2.5 years back and now its battery back is just 5 minutes… 🙁 !!!

    can you please tell me the cost of new battery and from where should i buy the new one..??

    for feedback its very nice..!!!

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