What’s wrong with Canon?

Few days back, Canon announced some major upgrades to it’s consumer digital camera lineup. Sadly this time, they made choices that make me hate them.

The first announcement was Canon SX 110 IS. It features a 9 MP sensor with 10x optical zoom, VGA (640×480) movie mode and 3.0 inch display.

Canon SX100 IS
It looks great on paper and in pictures but have you seen it in real life? It looks really stupid and overweight for a small camera wannabe.
Canon, Have you seen how cool the competition is!

Panasonic TZ5

The Panasonic TZ series is better in looks, much lesser in dimensions, takes higher resolution (HD) videos, and above all, it goes as wide as 28 mm. You may not feel it’s an important feature but just look at these images and you’ll know.

28_1 35_1
28_2 35_2

View Panasonic’s flash presentation for some more great examples.

The saving grace is that the SX 110 features Full manual controls, which the Panasonic lacks.

The second release announcement introduced A1000 and A2000 replacing A590 and A720 respectively.

Canon A1000 IS
Now this is my favorite group amongst the Canon digital camera range. Ever since last 2 years, when I purchased my A700, I’ve been recommending the A5**/A7** as the best first cameras for anybody.
But Canon screwed all that the moment they decided to bring in these so-called upgrades. Just look at the stupid dual color scheme. What were you thinking, Canon!

Worst of all, they decided to remove the manual controls. All at a time when competition learnt from it’s mistakes and produced cameras like Nikon P60, which look good, shoot good and allow interested user to tinker around with their camera’s manual settings.

Nikon P60
A590 used to be the cheapest way to learn photography, while taking decent pictures. Sadly the choice is isn’t so easy now. In fact, I don’t know what to recommend when people ask me for an all-in-one digital camera.

The last announcement was the Canon E1 which, I must agree, looks cute. I just hope it’s better at taking pictures than other tiny (and much slimmer) cameras like Nikon S series and the new Olympus Stylus series.

Canon E1

Nikon S7c

Olympus Stylus 1040

Apart from these, I have been really looking forward to the long due update to Canon S5 IS. Since it’s release, Panasonic and Olympus have announced multiple superzoom cameras changing the definition of superzooms from 12x to 18x. Even Nikon launched it’s superzoom which is getting decent reviews.

Oh Canon, I hope that you don’t disappoint me once again.

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2 Responses to this post

  1. Pita says:

    From the image that you posted, its a focus problem 😛

    I am just waiting for Canons EOS 5Ds replacement. Nikon has been very diligent and has been churning out nice DSLRs, I hope Canon pulls up its socks & get the new DSLRs out and of course newer faster lens are always welcome like the 18-200 one 🙂

  2. chirag@woikr says:


    Hehe, I guess they are focusing in the wrong direction.

    Come to the Nikon side and get a D700, the previews look super cool 😉

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