This Camera Captures It All

Ah, well, it doesn’t exactly capture every thing, but it definitely changes the way we take pictures. Ever cursed yourself after taking a picture that you didn’t focus it well? Here’s a camera which lets you focus a scene after taking a picture.

This new camera from Lytro (a Light Field Camera) captures “all the light” on a particular shot and gives you a luxury to tweak your focus point later. If you have to do this using your regular camera, you’d need a ton of those to focus at different focus points on the scene and grab that information to be stored in multiple layers. Definitely not as easily.

Here’s a preview on how a picture captured using a Lytro camera looks like

There are more advantages to using a Light Field Camera, it starts off without any Shutter Lag and performs better in Low Light Areas where most cameras can only take grainy pictures (High ISO)
I so hope this camera is handy as well.

[Via ForeverGeek]

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