Xbox 360 Christmas offer in India

Xbox 360 is one of the few things that Microsoft has done right. And with the awesome NXE, its kind of a must have for serious as well as casual gamers.

There are mainly 3 barriers to entry for Indian gamers to get into the Xbox arena:

  1. High entry price
  2. High priced games
  3. Not everyone has a high definition (HD) display

To overcome the 1st barrier, Microsoft is trying hard to lower the price and sell a lot of consoles in India. They launched the Diwali offer this year which helped boost the sales so much that the Xbox core model is out of stock at almost all outlets in NCR. Probably impressed with the sales figure, they have decided to continue the offer for Christmas touted as the “Xbox 360 Christmas offer”.

Under this offer, you get:

  1. Xbox 360 core console with a wired controller
  2. 20 GB Xbox 360 hard disk drive
  3. Xbox 360 wireless controller
  4. 2 free games (Forza 2 and Viva PiƱata)

The above combo is priced at 14, 990 INR inclusive of all taxes. This is a pretty good deal considering the fact that until a few months back, the Xbox 360 core console alone used to sell for 19,990 INR in India. The freebies are valued at 12,885 INR. The offer is available at all the authorized retailers of Xbox in India.

This does take good care of the 1st barrier. It would be great if they can do something about the 2nd one as well. However, there are rumors that BigFlix is gonna start games rentals soon which should lure gamers in India to pursue their long time dream of owning an Xbox 360.

As far as the last one goes, its gonna take some time for HDTVs to become mainstream in India owing to their high price and no HD television transmission in India.

So what are you waiting for? Head out to the nearest store to grab this offer and get into the console gaming arena!

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  1. Himanshu Negi says:

    Hey if anyone of you knw where is this offer avialable in delhi plz plz plz let me knw .. !! thnx !!!!

    my email if is

    plz let me knw !! thnx in advance !!!!

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