Week in iPhone Apps


The week saw 2 major app launches in the iPhone App Store:

  1. Skype [Appstore Link] – The much awaited app has been finally launched for the iPhone. And it is doing pretty well! The free app lets you make VoIP calls from your iPhone over the WiFi network. Yeah, no 3G support. But the app is pretty neat. With support for iPod touch devices (with external microphone) as well, the app is definitly set to make a difference in the arena. Check out the slick interface:





  2. Yahoo! Messenger [Appstore Link]- Finally, the pretty famous messenger makes it to the iPhone. The free Yahoo! Messenger app for the iPhone lets you IM & share photos with your family and friends on the go. The app currently does not support voice calls. Also, since the push notification service is not yet available, you will be able to receive messages only as long as the app is running. Check out some screen shots:



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