Send & Receive SMS and MMS from your iPad 3G


SwirlyMMS, a popular jailbroken app for iPhone to send MMS is now available as SwirlyMessage for iPad 3G for $12 on the Cydia store.

In addition to MMS, SwirlyMessage also lets you send SMS from your iPad 3G (if your 3G sim supports sending and receiving SMS and MMS).

To be able to use SwirlyMessage on your iPad you must consider the following:

  • You must have an iPad 3G, i.e. your iPad must have a built in 3G modem
  • Your SIM-card/carrier plan must allow for sending SMSs (and MMSs if you want to do that as well). If you are unsure about this please contact your carrier and tell them to enable SMS and/or MMS.

Features include:

  • Send and receive SMSs
  • Send and receive MMSs consisting of pictures, video, audio, text … just about anything actually
  • Send SMS & MMS messages for free to your SwirlyMessage and SwirlyMMS friends via SwirlyNet™
  • 3gp video encoding
  • Built-in voice recorder.
  • Save received audio clips (mp3, amr, caf, etc) as a SwirlyMessage alert sound.
  • Attach your current GPS location automatically to the messages you send.
  • Built-in media viewer
  • Animated GIFs
  • User Agent emulation (pretend being one of: SwirlyMMS iPhone, Apple iPhone, Motorola V360, Nokia N73, Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson W800i, and Samsung Black Jack 2
  • MMS settings wizard, which allows for automatic configuration of your MMS settings.
  • Possibility to receive automatic OTA (Over The Air) settings (More info here…).
  • Possibility to browse the iPad file system and include any file when composing a new message
  • Possibility to save individual message media parts anywhere on the iPad file system

Download and Installation

  • SwirlyMessage for iPad 3G costs $12. The purchase is made from your iPad via Cydia Store and you can pay using major credit cards like VISA and MasterCard.

Here are some screenshots (click to enlarge):






[via SwirlySpace]

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