Samsung ties up with BigFlix to offer streaming on demand movies on its Galaxy products

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Samsung has partnered with BigFlix to offer on demand streaming movies to their Galaxy line of products. They have launched an app on the Samsung App Store called My Movies which users of their Galaxy devices can download to watch instant on demand movies from Currently BigFlix has about 1000 movies to offer and Samsung is offering the first 2000 hours of streaming to its customers for free, post which it will cost them a subscription fee.

I checked out the app and its as good as a free app can be. The app screws up the video’s aspect ratio and also crashed once while I used it for about 15 minutes on a Galaxy S2. Also, BigFlix doesn’t seem to have a good movie collection. Beware that some of them are inappropriate for children (and are very easy to spot as they apparently fill up the “popular” section).

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Nonetheless, its good to see that we are getting such services in India. Now that 3G is a reality in India, people can actually use such services. If you have a Galaxy device and want to download this free app, use the QR code below to download it:


[via BGR India]

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