Official Twitter app for iPad now available


After months of waiting, Twitter has finally released the official twitter app for iPad. And as expected, its super awesome. So awesome that MG Siegler of TechCrunch has said that its the best iPad app yet.

With apps like Flipboard, Reeder, and Pulse, expectations were very high from for the twitter’s official iPad app. And the Twitter team has totally delivered. The app has been developed by Loren Brichter (@lorenb) and Bryan Haggerty (@bhaggs). Loren Brichter is the developer of the official twitter client for the iPhone (previously called Tweetie).


The app utilizes all the smooth UI elements of the iPad. When you start the app, you are presented with the options to either log in or read tweets from different categories like Art & Design, Sports, and News. Once you sign in, a left nav gives you the standard menu with mentions, lists, messages etc.

image  image

When you tap on a tweet, a pane is opened towards the right half of the screen. If there is any link in that tweet, it is displayed in that pane. If there is a video linked in a tweet, you can start buffering the video in that pane and continue reading other tweets in the main pain. This is a killer feature which is not available in any other app.


The app has a lot of gestures that you can use. Pinch on a tweet to reply or retweet. Pull down using two fingers to see a conversation. And yes, of course, the trademark drag and release to refresh gesture is there too!

The app has an amazing UI but you might need some time to get used to it as there is a slight learning curve for the gestures.

The app uses the same binary for iPhone and iPad. So, there is only one app in the App store. If you use the official twitter app on your iPhone, just download it on the iPad.

[via Twitter blog]

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