LookBook Outlet x woikr Sleeveless Skater Chiffon Dress

LookBook Outlet x woikr Sleeveless Skater Chiffon Dress – Round Neckline / Belted Tie Waist / Apricot Black

This woikr x Lookbook Outlet charming, delicate dress has a two tone color scheme with pale peach and black, blending light and dark which looks fabulous. The shoulders feature a button at the top edge of each strap which folds over toward the front. Front and rear darts shape your bust line while the wide contrasting waistband has a tied belt. The skirt is full, with excellent drape that falls to the mid thigh. An invisible zipper is sewn into the back and opens to below the waist. The back hemline has a petal opening that overlaps, exposing the contrasting color at the bottom edge. This is a lovely dress for a party. Small size; bust 80 cm, waist 32 cm, length 79 cm, shoulder 68 cm.

Some features of this dress are:
Lined bodice
Smooth woven fabric
Embellished neckline
Wide-cut sleeves
Textured fabric

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