iPhone sales surpasses RIM’s sales

iPhone is getting popular all over the world. This can be proved by the tremendous iPhone sales all over the world which has recently surpassed RIM’s sales.

In their quarterly financial results on Tuesday, Apple revealed that they sold 6.9 million iPhones versus 6.1 million sold by RIM. With this, they have now become the third largest competitor in the mobile phone market, behind Nokia and Samsung, and ahead of both LG and Motorola.

Here is an excerpt from their press release:

“Apple just reported one of the best quarters in its history, with a spectacular performance by the iPhone—we sold more phones than RIM,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We don’t yet know how this economic downturn will affect Apple. But we’re armed with the strongest product line in our history, the most talented employees and the best customers in our industry. And $25 billion of cash safely in the bank with zero debt.”

However, the real question is –  where are all these customers coming from? Not all of them can be new ones. They ought be coming from other phones’ customer base. Which camp has been destroyed most by iPhone sales?

This might be good news for Apple. However, I am pretty sure that iPhone’s India sales figure would have been a microscopic part of the worldwide sales owing to the insane and absurd price.

[via Apple]

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