iPhone firmware 2.2 update available now

The latest iPhone firmware update 2.2 is out now. Its a 246 MB download and if you have the latest iTunes installed, it should prompt you to download and install it the next time you tether your iPhone.

Here is a quick list of new features in 2.2:

  1. Google Maps Street View
  2. Public transit and walking directions in Google Maps
  3. Over-the-air podcast downloads
  4. Mail enhancements
  5. Safari tweaks
  6. Improved sound quality for visual voicemail
  7. Fewer dropped calls (again)

There no MMS or copy and paste though :(.

As usual, if you have a jailbroken or unlocked iPhone, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT update.

[Update 1st Dec 08] – We know this is old news now, but feel free to update to 2.2. We at woikr are able to use it without further unlocking.

[Images via Gizmodo]

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4 Responses to this post

  1. Danver says:

    iphone 2.2 at work! http://tubedirect.net/index.php?q=iphone-2.2
    is really cool! watch and download!

  2. Dwipen says:

    Can i use a 3G iPhone bought from Japan in India? I have Vodafone Sim card

  3. Setu says:

    @Dwipen –

    Yoo cannot use it in India as your iPhone 3G is probably locked to your carrier's network in Japan. Which, sadly, usually is the case in most countries in the world :(.

    However, I heard that Apple is officially selling unlocked iPhone in Hong Kong and few other countries. If you bought one of those, you can use it anywhere in the world including India.

  4. ramesh says:

    Setu says

    >>We at woikr are able to use it without further unlocking.>>

    Does this mean that the phone should have been unlocked before?

    I have an iphone which was purchased in US, upgraded to firmware v2.2 (which has seen multiple failed unlock efforts).

    I tried using an older Airtel SIM card, but the phone refuses it.

    Repeated failure in the unlocking process, leads me to ask you if you can point me to some experts in bangalore who can do it for me ?

    Thanks for the informative article.


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