iControlPad for jailbroken iPhones

Tired of using touch screen controls for games? Missing the buttons to control the character in yoru favourite iPhone game? Check out iControlPad.


This cool device fits around your jailbroken iPhone and adds control buttons which you can use to play games. Here is what the creators have to say:

Emulators and games just not really working well enough with the touch screen?
We didn’t think so either – so we built this little add on.
Yeah. Realise the full potential of the iPhone by adding real controls.

Your iPhone just slides in and locks in to place via the serial port,
there are no modifications needed and you can remove it at any time.

The iControlPad is already supported by some of the biggest iPhone devs (including ZodTT
PSX, GBA emu etc.) and we are sending out units to several others.


The device is not ready to be shipped yet. Keep checking for updates.

[Via iPhoneIndia]

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