HTC Evo’s Battery Can Dodge Bullets [True Story!]

HTC Evo Battery Dodges Bullet

When the HTC Evo came out everyone loved the huge screen fast 4G data but the battery life was the thing that prevented people from buying it. In fact Michael Arrington went on to say that it is a seriously flawed device since he had to keep charging the phone almost all the time. But the battery holds an interesting trick up it’s sleeve. It can dodge bullets!

HTC Evo saved a nightclub valet’s life when he was shot by two angry customers who went ahead and shot 5 bullets. One bullet hit the HTC Evo which was in the guy’s chest pocket. The screen was shattered but the battery, in true Super Man style, stopped the bullet and absorbed most of the impact!

The guy has vowed never to buy any other company’s mobile phone again. Video of the news story and a brief interview with the guy ahead.

[Associated Press via Engadget]

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