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Do you hate the food served on Indian Railways? You are not alone. Majority of people do not like the food served in Indian Railways for a variety of reasons: Lack of options, bad taste or just simple hygiene. Whatever be your reason(s), you now have a choice. provides delivery service from local hotels and restaurants in the cities on your way to your seat when you train stops at the railway station.

TravelKhana has tied up with various vendors in major cities in India for the service. You can search using your train number or PNR and view the available options in the cities on your route. There is also a rating system which will help you decide which vendor to go for.

Once you place your oder, TravelKhana keeps a track of your train and co-ordinates with the restaurant to manage the delivery of your meal. So in case of delays, you still receive your meal when your train reaches the station.

TravelKhana accepts online payment as well as Cash on Delivery. However, there is a catch when you go with online payment. If, for some reason, you want to cancel your pre paid order, they charge you an administrative fee of 10% if you cancel before 24 hours of delivery and 25% when you cancel 1 hour before delivery. According to TravelKhana, this fee is levied as credit card companies charge them for each transaction. For this reason alone, we recommend you to go with cash on delivery instead of online payments. WIth the delays that Indian trains have to go through, it might be the most logical choice.

There is, however, a simple solution to this problem: Travelkhana should charge your card only when your food has been delivered. That way, if you cancel your order, there is no transaction needed as your card hasn’t been charged yet. This will work for at least all the credit card based transactions.

If you happen to give a try, do let us know your experience in the comments.

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