Flipkart’s flyte MP3 App is Now Available for Android

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As part of their long term digital store strategy, Flipkart has launched their flyte MP3 app for android phones. Users can now buy & download music from flyte directly on their android devices without the need of a computer.

The one click (tap?) purchase process will leverage Flipkart wallet to make quick payments and also bypass the need for the user to go through the secure payment process every time one purchases a song/album. This means that one will need to have sufficient balance in the flipkart wallet before purchasing any music from the app.

Once purchased, the tracks can be downloaded and stored on the device for offline playback. Note that the downloads on the mobile device will also consume the maximum download quota of 4 per track. So, it will probably a good idea to transfer the music from your device to your computer later, instead of download it there again. This can work on Android, however, it will be a challenge for iOS devices as there is no officially supported feature to transfer music from an iOS device to a computer.

Sonner or later, flipkart should try and convince the studios to let go of the stupid quota rule. The most successful music store in the world, iTunes, also does not have any such rule. When I have purchased a song, I should be able to download it as many times as I want. It will be interesting to see how flipkart tackles this issue on iOS.

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