Bill Gates creates a mysterious company

Bill Gates is back. Apparently, he has created a new company called the BG c3. The BG in the name probably stands for Bill Gates. What’s mysterious is the c3 part. The logo is pretty creative though:

If you look closely, the logo spells c3.

The new company has a federal trademark as a think-tank, covering:

  • Scientific and technological services.
  • Industrial analysis and research.
  • Design and development of computer hardware and software.

Gates has opened a small office near his home for the company. Whatever be the motive, let’s hope that this new venture does not push us to install crappy things (read OS) on our computers.

Put in your guesses for what c3 might stand for in the comments.

[Via Gizmodo]

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One Response to this post

  1. Salil says:

    I think its a fake news. I visited and did Reverse IP lookup on

    This server is hosting around 2171 websites and website like:




    I don't think company of Bill Gates will be hosted on such platform.

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