Airtel reduces broadband tariff, FUP limit

Airtel has reduced tariffs for most of its broadband plans in India. Here is a quick glance at the new tariff (Click to expand):


The caveat here is the reduced FUP (Fair usage policy) quota. FUP quota is an absurd limit applied by ISPs. Once you use up your quota in a billing cycle (uploads + downloads both are counted), you will get half speeds for the rest of the billing period.

Our recommendation – If you are on one of the old plans, and are a heavy user, stay on that as the FUP quota was much more in the old plans. For example, the 1699/- per month 1 mbps unlimited plan , had a FUP quota of 100GB.

However, if you are a casual user, and don’t care about the FUP, go ahead and jump the boat.

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5 Responses to this post

  1. Rahul Jain says:

    But seeing it from other way consider steamer 1999 Plan. You will get 1 MBPS even after FUP. You are paying only 300 Rs more for 35GB download at 2MBPS.

  2. Ankush Mahendra says:

    this FUP is business crap to move people to the new plans….some people like me download too much cos we pay for that….now when the speed goes half then my interest goes half in Airtel’s services…..let’s look for BSNL n Reliance now……wud soon disconnect this existing plan that i’ve got…..

    no thanks

    • Swaroop says:

      I’ve moved and my primary ISP is BeamCable a local ISP in Hyderabad who’s got better plans. The downside is service availability.

      I am still using Airtel 512kbps unlimited 500/- Monthly rental (4GB FUP I think) as a backup secondary connection.

      Beam’s service is improving except the once in a while packet loss. Can’t do gaming on it 🙁 You’d be the lagger

  3. hirendra shukla says:

    what are you talking about ?? 100 Gb ? on airtel ?? far out .. im getting 512 kbps for 8 gb n then 256

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