Adobe’s Flash platform evangelist says “Go Screw Yourself Apple”


Apple announced its latest iPhone OS this week and also released an SDK for developers. What many of us do not know is that the updated SDK agreement carries an extra condition which bans "applications that link to Documented APIs through an intermediary translation or compatibility layer”. This basically means is that applications ported to the iPhone from Flash using the highly touted feature of the upcoming Adobe Flash product will not be allowed in the App Store. This will also affect other services which let you “generate” iPhone apps without writing a single line of code in objective C.

Adobe has been counting on this feature to get flash on the iPhone. However, it looks like Steve Jobs does not want that at all. While Adobe released an official statement  saying that “We are looking into it”, Lee Brimelow, Adone’s platform evangelist for Flash, Flex & AIR, apparently could not control his emotions (understandably), and has published a blog post literally telling Apple to go screw themselves.

While he has made it clear that the opinions expressed on his blogs are all of his own and not  Adobe’s, him being as a prominent figure in Flash development, this is being taken as Flash’s response to Apple.

Here are some excerpts:

I am positive that there are a large number of Apple employees that strongly disagree with this latest move. Any real developer would not in good conscience be able to support this. The trouble is that we will never hear their discontent because Apple employees are forbidden from blogging, posting to social networks, or other things that we at companies with an open culture take for granted.

Personally I will not be giving Apple another cent of my money until there is a leadership change over there. I’ve already moved most of my book, music, and video purchases to Amazon and I will continue to look elsewhere. Now, I want to be clear that I am not suggesting you do the same and I’m also not trying to organize some kind of boycott.

You can read the complete blog post here.

[via TechCrunch]

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2 Responses to this post

  1. Bharat says:

    I have a friend here in San Diego, whose hubbie is working in Apple. I was speaking to him and he was not happy with the work culture there. You are apparently supposed to spend long hours, and monopoly of Steve and his impulsive reactions are how the work happens there.

    I think the blog brings out the same!!

    • Setu says:

      I do not resent Apple's decision to ban such apps so much as I resent the way they did this. It was clearly intentional.

      Would it have been too hard for them to pick up the phone and call Adobe to tell them that they are not going to support this feature in the next version? They could even have disclosed their intentions in advance. They clearly wanted to screw Adobe.

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