1st Annual Indian Comic Con in Feb, Get Your Costumes Ready!

The San Diego Comic Con is one of the most loved conventions for geeky people worldwide. It gives them the chance to talk with their favorite comic creators, buy exclusive merchandise and collectibles and get sneak previews of the upcoming movies based on their favorite comic book characters. I’ve always wondered why we never had something of that sort in India. Seems like the folks at this startup called Twenty Onwards Media, synonymous with successful TV shows like Dare 2 Date, thought the same. They are organizing the First Indian Comic Con in Delhi from February 19-21, 2011.

First Indian Comic Con

The event is supported by Indian Institute of Cartoonists Institute and will honor the laureates of this field and celebrate and award their achievements. Twenty Onwards media plans to make it into annual convention. If they can get good sponsorship deals and have some encouraging events for comic creators it’ll be a convention to watch out for. With all the Indian web comics spawning across the Internet, this is the perfect timing for such a convention that will make people realize the potential of this untapped industry.

The event will take place in Dilli Haat. The visitor entry ticket is just Rs 15. If you are a interested in being a part of the event, you can register online. Make sure you get your costumes ready in time!

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