Nokia E7 Gets A Price Cut Even Before Release, Now 29,999

Nokia E7 Pre-order for 29,999

When E7 was announced for a 35k pre-order price, people everywhere (including me) started whining and complaining. Apparently someone at Nokia did their reading homework and announced a major price-cut. The Nokia E7 is now available on pre-order for 29,999! While that’s still no cheap price to pay for this phone, it is definitely going to be a lucrative price for Nokia loyals. Also, this is possibly the lowest a Nokia Communicator device has been priced yet. It’s actually close to the price the phone will have after 4-5 months in the market.

But this makes something very clear, Nokia definitely wants to sell this phone heavily in India. If you are interested, you can order the phone on Nokia’s website by paying 3000 INR in advance.

[via MobileKnots]

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