Nokia E7 Available For Pre-Order At 35k [Overpriced Stock Clearance]

Nokia E7 Communicator

According to my expectations, Nokia’s E7 was supposed to launch in India by Q1-end for 32k INR. It’s coming by Q1 end for sure but to my disappointment, Nokia has priced the device higher than my expectations. The phone is available for pre-order but you have login to the website and pay an advance of 3000 INR. While Nokia hasn’t mentioned anything clearly, it may take up-to a month for the phone to actually reach you.

If you are interested in specs, the phone runs soon-to-be-kicked-out Symbian^3 OS and features, a 4 inch AMOLED Gorilla Glass ClearBlack display, an ARM 11 680 MHz processor, a 3D Graphics accelerator chip, 8 Megapixel camera with dual LED flash and 16 GB of internal storage. As far as features are concerned I didn’t find anything that the phone does which is worth a special mention. It’s like any modern business oriented smartphone and claims to handle your email, documents, office VPN and even social networking well. It’s actually funny how Nokia’s mentions threaded SMS as one of the features. The only thing that makes it stand out is the anodized aluminium body.

In my opinion Nokia isn’t expecting to sell a lot of E7s in the Indian market. Using this pre-order they can estimate how many phones can they manage to sell over the year. They have probably already started concentrating on Windows Phone 7 devices and want to clear up the Symbian models in queue. The other thing that makes me feel that is that for such a high-end device, it packs a pretty slow CPU. And who puts a 640×360 display on a 4″ screen. That’s like pixel density suicide in present times. Looking at these, it feels like this phone maybe the part of Nokia’s stock clearance strategy.

The obvious question is that why is the price so high? Well, it’s just the beginning. Nokia is trying to counting on the loyals to buy the phone at this price. Expect the price to go down majorly within 4-5 months, maybe as low as 29k. If you are Nokia fan in the market for a new phone, get a Windows Phone 7 to get a feel of where Nokia is headed to.


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