How to make your Android look like Windows Phone 7?

When they say Android is the most customizable amongst popular Mobile Operating Systems, they aren’t lying. This should serve as a perfect proof.

Windows Phone 7 UI on Android

Developer Time Kujala, has come up with a an app for Android based phones that allows you replace your Android/custom launcher with something that looks and works just like Windows Phone 7!

I installed the free version on my Nexus S and it works perfectly. It perfectly mimics Windows Phone 7 tiled interface and even gives you options to add tiles with icons or widgets. Each tile is customizable and some apps even allow notification badges. The launcher feels pretty fast does unbelievably well to bring the Windows Phone 7 experience on to your Android phone.

While I’m not a fan of Windows Phone 7 tile based UI (it’s too simplistic in my opinion), I certainly appreciate the hard work that must have gone in while making this app. Everyone with an Android phone must give this a try. This is especially good for people who use their Android phones mostly for limited features and don’t have hundreds of apps installed.

Yes Apple, Android has an app even for that.

[Launcher 7 via TNW]

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6 Responses to this post

  1. Swaroop says:

    To add a new tile to the home page, one has to long hold an application to get the “add as a tile” menu

    Could have supported Drag/Drop instead (may be in a future version)

  2. Swaroop says:

    Did i mention that my wife hated this? I had to quickly uninstall and go back to LauncherPro

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