How credible are the Nexus S India Launch Price Rumors?

Many blogs have reported over the last couple of days that Nexus S is coming to India soon for Rs 24,000. The source in all the cases is Infibeam’s product page where they are displaying that Nexus S will be “Coming Soon” for the 24k in India.

Nexus S Infibeam

I personally find it hard to believe. Here are my reasons:

  • The price in US inclusive of taxes is $560 that converts to around 25.5k. The price in UK is £430 which converts to around 30k. Globally famous Mobile phones are never launched in India for an exceptionally low price. We’ve seen it with the iPhone multiple times and also with Samsung and HTC phones.
  • The US price of Nexus S ($529) converted to INR is almost 24k. The figure is too suspicious to be believed.
  • Launching Nexus S at 24k means putting a straight stop at Samsung Galaxy S sales. The phone retails for over 29k and the best market price is around 27k. I’m sure Samsung won’t let Google do that.

I suspect they will apply taxes on the given price like 20North does. I’ve sent Infibeam Customer Support an email, and asked the same on Twitter. Will wait for the reply and update accordingly. Meanwhile, If you were planning to buy it from eBay India, wait for sometime more. If you were planning to get it from US wait a few days if you can, else just buy it.


Infibeam didn’t reply but it surely is a marketing gimmick. Like MobileGyan pointed out, Infibeam still has a page up for the year old, already discontinued Nexus One. And it mentions the same price Rs 24000.

Now you can go ahead and buy the Nexus S from US. I will.


Email from Infibeam says they don’t take pre-orders and this model (Nexus S) is out of stock! I’ve lost trust in you Infibeam.

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6 Responses to this post

  1. Deepak Jain says:

    Thanks for linking back to the blog post, Chirag. Yes, now even we do feel its just an 'advertising stunt' by Infibeam.

    Update the post too.

  2. venky says:

    you guys do know that galaxy S is already discontinued in India,right?..something about shortage of the S AMOLED screens. either that or they are making way for nexus S.

    • Chirag says:

      I heard those rumors recently. But I don't think Samsung will stop selling Galaxy S because of the Nexus S launch. They haven't done so anywhere else in the world.

  3. mAX says:

    the quality of the nexus s will be degraded somewhat… like u wont have super amoled screen instead u will have super lcd and all the new functions of voice search wont be available in india ,rest i dont know…but these 2 degradations will be there

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