What Lies Beneath New York? [Video]

Ever wondered what lies beneath us? No, not that deep. Just a level deep under the surface and roads. Steven Duncan and Andrew Wonder took it upon themselves to check under New York. And what they found was surprisingly good! They shot it on a Canon 5D Mark II. So you Canon fanobiys have another reason to watch.

This video has been pretty popular for the last few days but I never got time to watch it. I saw it today and it’s good! Up ahead is the video and the official description.

Armed with gloves, a backpack, and a healthy appreciation for the deadliness of the third rail, urban historian Steven Duncan and videographer Andrew Wonder explore the Undercity. This is the hidden New York. And it’s beautiful.

Wonder shot the compilation of urban explorations—appropriately titled Undercity—on a Canon 5d Mark II. The journeys range from sewer to subway to Williamsburg Bridge, and give a look at the world that’s happening underneath our feet, unbeknown to us, every single day. Duncan’s made a mission out of these journeys, collecting his photographs and videos at Undercity.org.

What’s exciting is that every city has its own secret history, sealed underground, untapped and waiting to be explored. Let’s hope Wonder and Duncan decide to take their show on (and below) the road.


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