The world’s only Turbine Powered Batmobile is on Sale for $620,000!

Batmobile Replica

Batman fan? Filthy rich? Hurry up and buy this turbine-powered Bat Mobile from eBay. Else, drool away.

The Batmobile is a working replica of the Batmobile from the Tim Burton’s Batman(1989) and was created by Casey Putsch.The car is not only for your showcase because it actually is pretty powerful with a 385 Horsepower Boeing turboshaft engine that can run on kerosene, diesel as well as jet fuel. The car also comes along fancy gadgets like a 3G iPad 2 fitted in the dashboard.

Ahead is a brief video of Casey driving the Batmobile and some more pictures.

So do you have $620,000 lying unused? This maybe the coolest thing you ever splurged on. And yes, Casey can arrange for shipping worldwide. Hurry up, the offer ends tomorrow i.e. September 5!

[Batmobile on eBay via PCMag]

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