Presentations Can Be Awesome But Powerpoint Still Sucks

I hate Powerpoint presentations. I hated them more than anything for 4 years in undergrad, hated them still for 2 years in postgrad and have been hating them still for 3 years in office. They have a magical ability to induce sleep in situations which demand you to stay awake. I’ve seen presentations that were interesting but I believe most of them were by TED presenters. If you have stats and content like Hans Rosling, what presentation can be boring? Today I saw a presentation that was interesting just because of the presentation. It wasn’t the content or the presenter. It was the presentation that was awesome. See for yourself:

The best presentation ever, wasn’t it? OpenLase is an open-source realtime laser graphics project by Marcan that can allow you to use a $200 DIY projector for brilliant laser presentations. The project is new but I believe if people build on it, it has the potential to be really popular.

I hope that happens. I hope teachers teach boring course this way. I hope Powerpoint dies.

[via TNW]

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