Kinect Powered Virtual Dressing Room Demo Shows A Glimpse Of The Future [Video]

The incredibly capable Kinect sensor bar is proving to be something that Microsoft would’ve never imagined. Primarily due to the ease of availability and excellent programming interface, people are using it in all sorts of virtual reality applications.

The latest example is a Virtual dressing room. TopShop, a British clothes retailer popular across Europe,┬áran a trial using Kinect sensors. The concept lets people try our clothes without actually going to the dressing room. Here is a video showing some clips from the trial in TopShop’s Moscow store:

The first thing that came to my mind after watching the video was that it’s not actually a virtual dressing room. It doesn’t actually tell you if the clothes you picked actually “fit” you!

Actually, It’s more of a augmented-reality mirror. It’s basically an alternative to you picking up a dress and keeping it on your shoulder and seeing how it looks in the mirror. And I must agree that it’s a convenient way of doing that.

Anyway, it definitely shows a glimpse into the future. Sensors that measure you and show you how exactly the clothing looks aren’t too far away. I’ll be a happy man when no one I shop with (including myself) has to take multiple rounds to the dressing room to get the perfect fit.

[via Kotaku]

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