iPod designer creates a beautiful learning energy saving thermostat

Nest thermostat

Tony Fadell – the guy who designed the first iPod, through his company – nest labs, has come up with a beautiful looking thermostat that learns user behavior and can help you save energy. Fadell calls it the thermostat for the iPhone generation. Here is the official video:

Amazing. The thermostat can also be controlled using your iPhone or computer from anywhere in the world where you have internet access. So, if its a cold day, you can set your desired temperature when you leave office so that you come home to a warm & comfortable temperature. Check out all the features of the device here. Here is another video of Fadell explaining the product to TechCrunch:

The nest thermostat is priced at $249 which is a little steep, but might prove worth it with all those energy savings. You can pre order one here: https://store.nest.com/.

[via TIA & TechCrunch]

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