Happy Birthday WWW, You Were The Best Christmas Gift Ever!

20 years ago on the same day at CERN in Geneva,  Tim Berners Lee and Robert Cailliau got the first Web Browser, Web Server and the Web Pages ready and published and accessed the first website. Hence was born the WWW (World Wide Web, also know as The Web). The web that we access day in and out. The web that provides us with all the information we could ever need. The web that has made communication entirely different than anybody ever imagined. The web that has become so big that it can scare the hell out of the most powerful people in the world. The web that has become essential for our very existence.

World Wide Web original Logo

Of course, then it was just a system that allowed documents with hypertext i.e. a way to link to each other. This system was accessible through a web browser by anyone with access to Internet. Nobody ever imagined that it could grow into a system where billions of users view and publish all kinds of information media. In fact in the coming future, it might well replace the whole list of software that can be used on a computer.

We wish the WWW stays open, stays clean and keeps growing forever.

[Thanks CBC]

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