Disney wants your Cakes to be Interactive [Geeky Cakes!]

Mario Cake

I read geeky cakes and I see Mario on a cake yelling and asking me to get lost (Ok, I made that up). But really, I hear geeky cakes and I see cakes with the popular geeky characters or logos on them. Maybe a Mario cake, maybe a Darth Vader cake or maybe an  iPhone cake. But never did I think that a cake could actually go SciFi! Disney filed a patent application in the US titled “Projector systems and methods for producing digitally augmented interaefctive cakes and other food products” that clearly hints something like that.

Integrating projectors with cakes? Sounds great doesn’t it! So imagine a Pirates of Caribbean cake in the shape of a ship and when you try to cut the cake, Capt. Jack Sparrow will actually come in front and sword fight with your knife. Well, it’ll be a projection, but still sounds fun, doesn’t it? But the system will be expensive for sure. Maybe Disney will keep it limited to Disneyland and for some themed birthday parties and such. We’ll wait.

Ahead are some pictures from the patent application, in case you need to see and decipher them.

[via Engadget; Image Courtesy: The Cake Engineer]

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