Corsair Force GT, World’s Fastest SSD (Read/Write at 500MBps)

Most of the phones and some computers releasing now contain flash memory/SSD. Corsair, as earlier announced has previewed a new line   of SSDs, the Corsair Force GT which is an ultra fast (world’s fastest as of now) 240GB SSD which can do read/writes at up to 500MB per second (has native SATA3 support too).


This is faster than their Performance 3 Series and twice as fast as their previous Force SSD series which read/write do up to 280Mbps. These will be available by Q2 2011.

What does fast SSD mean?
In most applications, the I/O operations (input/output) hit the performance and slows the application down (ever wondered why those applications using a database or slow?). With faster I/O operations – your computer’s operating system and other applications which use the disk to persist data will become faster/snappier.

Let the SSD race begin, my next computer (in 2012) hopefully won’t have any hard drive.

[Via Engadget]

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