CityCar: The Future of Cars by MIT Media Lab

Worried about the increasing cars and diminishing parking spots in your city? Here is a possible solution, seemingly from the future. CityCar by MIT Media Lab is a car that looks like it was designed keeping parking woes in mind. This 2-seater, electric car folds to a square shaped vehicle of the width of a usual car and allows smart maneuvers like rotating on it’s axis for making parking even easier.

MIT Media Lab has has a bigger vision behind the car. They want the cars to be kept around cities in special booths where people can come and pick them up, use them to their liking, pay the fare and drop them off. Think free public bicycle stands only with take-away cars.

Ahead is a  TNW video interview and demonstration of a half scale model of CityCar.

Of course, the pickup-from-anywhere vision may never be feasible in a country like ours (yes, despite the anti-corruption drive). But the concept is really good and if sometime in the future they can come up with low budget cars with such technology, I’m sure they will be a huge success.

[CityCar via TNW]

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