BlackBerry Shows Off Awesome New PlayBook App Demos

There is something about the BlackBerry PlayBook that intrigues me. I don’t care for any of the Android tablets or HP’s WebOS TouchPad but I definitely want to see the PlayBook when it comes out. I may never choose it over an iPad because of the 7″ form factor but more choice is always better.

We’ve already seen the excellent browser demos, but at MWC BlackBerry showed off 2 WebWorks proof-of-concept apps for the BlackBerry that were created by “The Astonishing Tribe”, a company BlackBerry recently acquired. The apps are pretty simple but the excellent UI and smooth, slick graphics make them feel so much better than any corresponding Android app.

Awesome right? This isn’t the BlackBerry I know. And that means they are doing it right.

[via BGR]

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