This Arguably Is The Best Mobile App Promotion Video You Will Ever See [Making Included]

Special Effects guru Andrew Kramer came up with an idea for a simple iPhone app called Demon Cam and went on to make an extravagant promotion video as the backstory as well as tutorial for it.

It’s brilliant. I doubt that anyone else will ever top this effort, especially to promote a 99 cent mobile app.

I strongly suggest you to watch it in full screen. Switch the resolution to 720p. Buffer it if you have to, but this deserves to be seen in High Definition.

Amazed? We have more for you. Since the motivation behind this video was to show off amazing special effects, Kramer also created a detailed making-of video. The video is full of not-so-subtle promotions but acts as an amazing insight to how Hollywood style special effects are produced.

[DemonCam via @kluivers]

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