Beer throwing Cannon with an iPhone remote

One lazy day, you feel thirsty and can’t get up from the couch as you just had double cheese burst pizza, you lie in your couch feeling disgusted that you’re a loner who doesn’t have any one else to toss a beer for you in times of need.

Well,  don’t be. what you you need.

It’s built out of an old mini fridge, presenting the “Beer Cannon”, to toss you the beers wherever you sit without getting up.

Even better it comes with an iPhone remote which lets you select the beer that you’d want and with a built in camera it’ll let you change the cannon’s angle. If you’re thinking the same that I have in mind – Yes sure you can shoot a couple of beers at your lazy friends too once in a while and say “Woops, the machine did it”.

Who says you need a room mate/girl friend now? With this already invented, I am just waiting for a machine to toast my bread and bring it around. What’re you waiting for?

[Via Engadget]

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