How To Enable Cut Paste In Mac Finder?

Sometimes Apple can be just plain ignorant. All these years and they still don’t have a proper way to  Cut/Paste files and folders on Mac! You have to select the files, and drag them to the target location using the mouse. It makes moving files suck a pain in the ass.

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Thankfully, there is a solution. Kapeli’s moveAddict for Mac fixes the long faced problem of Mac users. moveAddict provides the simple functionality to move files using the keyboard. You can select the files, Press “Command + X” to cut the files, select a target folder and Press “Command + V” to paste the files. It’s just like Windows. You can add Cut, Copy and Paste buttons on Finder’s toolbar.

moveAddict (Cut Paste on Mac)

moveAddict also adds the “merge folder” functionality when you are trying to move a folder to a location where another folder of the same name exists.

moveAddict has minimal and pretty simple settings. You can see my preferences in the screenshots provided ahead.

moveAddict Settings moveAddict Settings
moveAddict costs $7.99 normally but it’s available for just $1.99 for a limited period on the Mac App Store. You should buy it right away!

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14 Responses to this post

  1. YOu are completely wrong. To cut and paste on a mac, you use the Cmnd + X keys. To copy and paste, you use the Cmnd +C keys. Pasting is always Cmnd + P.

    Yes, you van alsi drag and drop items. For example, you can select text and drag it to a new location.

    Before you put nonsense like this on the internet, you should make at least a rudimentary effort to learn if it’s true.

    I’ve been using Macs and Windows systems side-by-side on a daily basis since the mid-80s. Macs have always worked this way. In fact, Windows copied the key combinations from the early Mac OS. But then, almost anything else you like about Windows was copied from the Mac, too.

    • Chirag says:

      I beg your pardon but Cmd + P has never been used for Pasting on Mac.

      Also, Cut/Paste has never worked on Finder folders. Please read before you start blabbering.

      • That was an oops on my part. It’s Cmnd + V for paste. But Cut and paste does work on folders. I AM doing this on an iMac and I can paste new icons on folders and I do copy and paste in and between folders regularly. In fact, I did so just now as a test. I also did a little select and move text in this very post.

        Maybe you were unable to comprehend that I said have been using Macs and Windows systems together since before you were probably born. I do know what I am talking about. I am not “blabbering” but stating facts. .

        You insult people on here in a way you would never do to their face. You seem to be a typical internet coward that knows nothing but acts smart and brave when safely hiding behind his keyboard.

        • Chirag says:

          I still can’t believe that you are saying that.

          Select any folder/file in your Finder and Press “Cmd + X”. Now goto another folder and press “Cmd + V”, nothing will happen (Unless you have installed some script or plug-in to do so)

          In fact if you select any folder and goto Edit menu you will see that the Cut option is disabled.

          • OK, my misunderstanding, I thought we were talking about copy and paste.

            What I also do not understand is why cutting is so important. I rarely use that in any case. I almost always copy, paste, then return and delete the original. That way, if something goes wrong between the cut and the paste (power failure, software glitch) I have not lost anything. I do it the same way on Windows systems. In fact, that’s probably where I got the habit. They seem to be a lot more prone to “something went wrong” and have made me a bit “cut-shy.”

            The extra steps of returning to delete the folder/file I have pasted in nothing compared to losing the data.

            FWIW< you can move folders or files in Finder by dragging and dropping. Simply open a new Finder window (Cmnd + N) and open it to the destination. Then click on the original Finder Window, select the Folder/File you wish to move and drag and drop it to the destination. This is safer than cut and paste.

        • Chirag says:

          Also I know that Cut/Paste works for text. It doesn’t work on files/folders though like it does on Windows.

          I’m updating the article title to clear the confusion.

          • My real objection to this little add-on is it actually does so liottle that is really useful. As you and I seem to agree, cut and paste isn’t used all that often by those of us that have been burned by it. I also know that every little “helper” like this increases the opportunity for an internal software conflict. Despite what some Apple fans would believe, Macs are not immune to these and additions like this can eventually slow down your system. Maybe not this one that much, but enough of them, and it can be a problem.

            Having said that, I confess I have several add-ons to FireFox and a few for my system, too. But I don’t hesitate to dump them is I suspect there may be a problem.

            Yes, mea culpa, too 😉

        • Chirag says:

          Also, I agree I should have been polite in my first comment. Accept my apology for that.

  2. Chirag says:

    Accepted 🙂
    And while I don’t use Cut/Paste often, this utility is great for someone who switches from a Windows to Mac!

  3. Josh says:

    James Smith João Pessoa,

    You are a genuine fucking idiot.


    • @Josh. YOu are a typical internet coward. YOu are hiding behind your keyboard to say things you wold never dare say to my face. Try it and you will never walk, talk, look, or think the same again. Anytime you want to man up, I’ll pay your way here and we’ll see who is the man and who is “a genuine fucking idiot”. The ball is in your court, put up or shut up..

  4. CJ says:

    Cut and Copy is not implemented in OSX, but a better function is included: Move

    To MOVE a file or folder press Command and drag the item to the new location. It will be deleted from the old location.


  5. CJ says:

    Sorry I meant Cut and Paste, Not cut and copy.

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