“BlackHole RAT” Is A New Beta Trojan For Mac OS X [Yes, Beta]

Are you missing all those Trojans ever since you moved from Windows to Mac? Do you secretly want unexpected things to happen to your Mac like they did on Windows? Well, someone is working on that. And he says, “I know, most people think Macs can’t be infected, but look, you ARE Infected!”

Sophos reported that a Trojan for Mac OS X has now¬†entered beta. The Trojan has been named “OSX/MusMinim-A” by Sophos but the author calls it as “BlackHole RAT”. According to the author it is still in beta and the malware itself proclaims so by saying, “I’m a very new Virus, under Development, so there will be much more functions when im finished.”

The Trojan is apparently based on darkComet, a popular open source Remote Access Trojan (also called Remote Administration Tool by some) for Windows. As of now it’s a very basic variation of darkComet.

MusMinim allows displays fake prompts to the user and asks them to enter the system’s administrative password. Then, of course, the password is stored and can be used to get unauthorized access to your system.¬†Using the Trojan hackers can run shell commands, open URLs remotely and force the Mac to Shut down, Restart or Sleep. Some other things the Trojan does is create unknown text on the desktop and show full screen alerts that force the user to reboot.

MusMunim-A Alert Popup

Do you need to worry?According to Sohphos, just be cautious and don’t install software from untrustworthy sources. And don’t download pirated software from torrent websites. They might end up being be more expensive than the software you were pirating.

[via TUAW]

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