Accessing The Hidden Dock from Full Screen Apps [OS X Lion]

I keep the Dock on my Macbook hidden towards the left side of my screen. It shows up whenever I take my mouse in the right (left?) place. It’s an almost essential trick to save screen space if you have one of the smaller laptops. But when I switched to Lion last week I realized that this approach didn’t work so well with Full Screen apps. The Dock doesn’t show up automatically when you take your cursor in the right spot. In practice, this meant that every time I wanted to bring up the Dock, I had to goto a normal Desktop or Mission Control. No doubt this irked me.

Macworld reveals that the situation isn’t as bad as I thought. If you are in a Full Screen app you need an extra step to view your hidden Dock. Drag your mouse towards the edge of the screen where Dock is and when you touch the corner, don’t just stop. Try to push the mouse through the corner (as if you are trying to take it out of the screen). The Dock will appear as always!

Apparently Apple did so because in Full Screen apps you may see controls/buttons near the edge of the screen. And if Dock keeps appearing every time you take the mouse there, it’ll create a problem. Anyway, I’m happy as long as there is a alternative.

Tip: If you aren’t getting the hang of doing it, try this: Once you reach the edge of the screen, lift your finger and swipe towards the edge again. The Dock will appear.

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