5 of my favorite Dashboard Widgets [Mac]

Now that your Dashboard kicks ass, you need to fill it up with widgets. Widgets that will change your life forever (or at least keep you happy for an hour).

Here are 5 of my favorite, most used widgets:

  • Stickies
    Stickies Dashboard Widget
    Instead of the Stickies app, I prefer using the widget. It’s easily accessible and never intrudes your workspace.You can post as many as you want and not even worry about saving them. The widget comes pre-installed with your Mac.
  • Currency Converter
    Currency Converter widget
    The best currency converter I’ve used on any platform. Comes with lots of options and 6 themes to choose from.
  • TunesTEXT
    TunesTEXT Dashboard Widget
    There are a lot of lyrics displaying apps and widgets but I like this the best because it updates the lyrics inside to the song playing on iTunes so it can be seen offline and also on your iPod and iPhone. The app also has a lyrics editor and a custom search app in case it fails to find proper lyrics automatically.
  • Image Shackle
    Image Shackle Dashboard Widget
    The fastest way to resize an Image. Just select an image drag it over the widget, enter the target width/height and press Shackle. It’ll calculate the other dimension as per the proportion, resize the image, convert the image to JPG if you want and store it right next to the original image. It’s an excellent tool if you are a blogger and otherwise too.
  • Screenshot Plus
    Screenshot Plus Dashboard Widget
    Every mac comes with a really good screenshot utility inbuilt. But it can be used only through a complex set of shortcuts. Unless you use them regularly they are hard remember. Screenshot Plus aims to provide a solution. It’s a simple dashboard app with 5 options namely, Grab screen, Grab screen with timer, Grab a window, Grab a widget and Grab a custom defined screen area. After taking the screenshot it shows a zoomable preview and you can choose to save or reject it. All the screenshots for this article were captured using the tool.

For more widgets you can browse the Top 50 list of Apple’s Dashboard Widgets page. Don’t forget to post your suggestions in comments 🙂

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