Sega wants you to control a video game with your pee! [LOL + WTF]

Sega toylet

There is really no end to bizzare ideas in this world. Video game giant SEGA is launching a video game which will be installed in toilets (gents I presume) and will let you control the game with your pee! Aptly named “Toylet“, the game hardware (installed in the urinal, BTW) senses the pressure & speed of your pee, thereby controlling the volume of the pee in the game. I am guessing the more you pee, the more you win.

Here is what sega has to say:a

First, an infrared sensor detects when a person approaches, and changes the screen to the game ready display. Next, microwaves hit the stream of urine when the person urinates, and it reads the reflected microwaves to detect the speed of the urine stream. The volume is then calculated by the speed and duration of the urination.

Hit the jump for a quick video!

Sega toylet screen

Here is a quick video:


They should totally install these in the public toilets in India to motivate people to use them instead of peeing, you know, just about anywhere. No word on a female version though.

[via CrunchGear]

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